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Location and transport

Find out about our location and transport details to make getting to school safe and easy.

Our school is located at:

8 Glen St Belrose 2085

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Getting to and from school safely

As a parent or carer, it’s your responsibility to get your child to and from school safely. Student safety is our priority.

Keep our school community safe by:

  • driving and parking safely, even if it means parking further away and walking the rest of the way to school
  • being a good role model
  • never calling your child from across the road
  • using the safest place to cross the road.

For parents and carers of younger children

Discuss with your child how to be safe when:

Also talk about and practise:

  • safe travel routes
  • plans for when unexpected things happen
  • what to do in wet weather.

Subsidised school travel

Transport for NSW provides subsidies to assist school students.

  • The School Student Transport Scheme provides eligible students with free or subsidised travel on public transport between home and school.
  • The School Drive Subsidy may help towards the costs of driving children to school if you live in an area where there is no public transport.


Vehicle access to the school grounds is kept to an absolute minimum to ensure the safest possible environment. For this reason, access to the teachers' carpark and to the school grounds generally is restricted to vehicles belonging to school employees and to service agents (example maintenance and waste contractors, visiting performers). Please note the following:

  • The vehicle access gate close to the pedestrian crossing in Glen Street is permanently closed for all but emergency entry.
  • There are four pedestrian entryways to the school - two facing on to Glen Street at the front of the school, and one each at the end of Hawea Place and Kapyong Street (up the steps).
  • Car parking is available in neighbouring streets and along Glen Street unless sign-posted otherwise.
  • Stopping and parking restrictions are sign-posted on Glen Street immediately in front of the school near the pedestrian crossing and in the school hours bus zone.

The Roads and Traffic Authority employs a crossing supervisor before and after school to assist with safety on the Glen Street crossing.  Parents are requested to set a good example by using the school crossing and by obeying school parking and traffic signs.

Public transport

For students who need to travel to school by bus, a travel pass application form can be obtained from the school office. Students waiting for the school bus in the afternoon are supervised by teaching staff until the bus arrives. Please note the following special bus routes: 


Bus no. 151 at 8:30am from Belrose and The Esplanade – via Wyatt Ave, (L) Cotentin Ave, (L) Ralston Ave, (R) Pringle Ave, (R) Haigh, Hakea, (L) Lockwood, (L) Glen, (R) F/Way, (L) Prince Charles Rd, The Esplanade, Carnarvon Dr, (R) Epping Dr, (R) Adams St, Blackbutts Rd, (L) Pound, (L) Kawana, (R) Prahran, (L) Kambora, (L) Woolrych, (R) Kambora, (R) Blackbutts, (R) Mimosa, (L) Pound, (R) Blackbutts, (L) Pringle, (R) Glen Street to school. 


Bus no. 246 at 3:35pm to Frenchs Forest and Belrose – via Glen St, (R) Forest Way, (L) Prince Charles Rd, (R) The Esplanade, Carnarvon Dr, (R) Epping Dr, (R) Adams St, (L) Blackbutts Rd, (L) Pringle Ave, (R) Sorlie Rd, Prahran Ave, (R) Kawana St, (R) Pound Ave, (R) Blackbutts Rd, (L) Pringle Ave, (L) Ralston Ave, (R) Cotentin Ave, (R) Wyatt Ave. 

Bicycles and scooters

Students from Years 3-6 are permitted to ride bicycles or scooters to school. It is advisable that children chain and padlock their bicycles and scooters to the rack provided near the BBQ. Children must walk their bicycles and scooters to and from the gate while in the school grounds, and helmets must be worn when riding.