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School Band

School Band

The aim of the band program is to provide musical enrichment through the playing of an instrument. The band strives to achieve a high-performance standard and to encourage the development of positive attitudes in an atmosphere of teamwork and enjoyment. The band program is open to children in Years 3 to 6.

Children joining band for the first time will start in Training Band.  After 1 year in Training Band students typically graduate to Concern Band.

Instruments played include:

Alto Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone
French Horn
Bass Guitar (not acoustic)

Band Director

Dani has been a music educator for over 15 years, with 8 of those also spent as a Primary and Secondary classroom music teacher. She has managed co-curricular music programs in multiple schools throughout that time, and has a passion for co-curricular music, with a belief that all students should have a chance to play an instrument. Founder and Director of Syncopate Studios, Dani oversees multiple tutors and conductors in their positions at various schools and through online tuition. Rehearsals at WPS in 2022 will be conducted by Dani or one of her conductors from Syncopate.

Band Committee and Volunteers

The band is a self-funded sub-committee of the Wakehurst Parents and Citizens Association and managed by a team of parent volunteers.  To operate well and share workload the committee must consist of 3-4 people.  New volunteers are always welcome.

For further information regarding the band please contract the Band Coordinator by email band@wpspandc.com