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Parents and citizens association

Wakehurst Public School is fortunate to have a strong and active Parents and Citizens Association (P&C). The P&C plays a crucial role in enriching the quality education of our students through various activities.

The P&C's primary objective is to promote the school's interests by fostering close cooperation between parents, citizens, students, and teaching staff. Additionally, the P&C provides the school with extra funds for new and existing facilities, programs, and equipment that benefit the school.

To achieve its goals, the P&C:

- Holds regular meetings that are open to all parents and citizens.

- Organizes a variety of events that are essential for raising additional funds to support school projects, programs, and equipment through its Fundraising & Events team.

- Runs several school facilities and programs, including the canteen, band program, uniform shop, and school ground maintenance.

- Uses profits from the canteen and uniform shop to contribute to the funds raised.

- Raises funds by seeking voluntary contributions from the school community.

Funds raised in recent years have contributed to many school improvements, including:

- Purchase of iPads for use in classrooms

- Air-conditioning of classrooms

- Implementation of Wi-Fi infrastructure for the school

- SMART boards for every classroom

- Upgrading of student computers

- Purchase of library books, teaching resources, and equipment

- Purchase and servicing of the school's photocopier

- Support for creation and maintenance of the school's website

- Maintenance of school grounds and playground

*Many of these costs are ongoing.

P&C meetings are held in the staffroom at 7:00 pm on the Tuesday of Weeks 3 and 8 during school terms, and parents are welcome and encouraged to attend. Week 3 meetings are via Zoom and week 8 meetings are in person at the school staffroom. Reports are presented by the principal and each of the P&C subcommittees, and matters relating to education and organisation are discussed. Decisions are made on how P&C funds are to be spent. More information and the minutes of the latest meetings are available at  https://wpspandc.com/pages/meetings.

To vote on issues raised or to nominate for a vacant position on the P&C, it is necessary to first attend a meeting and become a member through payment of an annual membership fee of $1.

To pay annual membership fee and become a member, please follow this link: WPS P&C Membership.

More information about the general operation of P&C Associations can be found on The Federation of Parents and Citizens' Associations of NSW website.

The Fundraising and Events subcommittee team works with the school community to raise funds and organizes social events to bring the community together. Annual fundraising events are essential for providing the school with extra financial resources.

The Grounds Committee is another sub-committee of the P&C which works in consultation with staff and parents to maintain the school grounds and organizes grounds care projects like Working bees, in consultation with the school. All families are encouraged to attend at least one working bee each year. Details of upcoming working bees are advertised in 'The Billboard'.

Wakehurst is fortunate to share its grounds with two small remnants of the now-endangered Duffy's Forest ecological community. Ecologists have identified some 87 different plants in the front strip and in the northern back corner of the school.

For more information about WPS P&C:

Follow WPS P&C on Facebook: Wakehurst Public School P&C

To volunteer at a fundraiser or an event - email fundraising@wpspandc.com

To find out more, come along to one of our P&C Meetings - P&C Meetings

Volunteer for a Committee position - email secretary@wpspandc.com

Sign up to become a P&C Member (membership form)

Email the P&C secretary at secretary@wpspandc.com